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Portuguese for Beginners Online - A1.2 level

by the Brazil-Finland Cultural Center of the Embassy of Brazil in Helsinki.

  • describe people, places, clothes and weather; 
  • know social and culture aspects of Brazil;
  • get by as a visitor in Brazil;
  • know about 5 regions in Brazil; 
  • describe events and facts in the past; and 
  • recognize the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese language (phonetics and pronunciation).
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  • review of Simple Present
  • simple past: regular and irregular verbs;
  • review of possessive pronouns and demonstrative pronouns;
  • prepositional phrases;
  • masculine and feminine; 
  • plural and singular;
  • adverbs; and 
  • basic discursive genre.

The material is available online, at CLANED platform. The material is designed and provided by the teachers of Brazil-Finland Cultural Center.

Online content

Videos, animations, pdf material, quizzes and interactive exercises

Online chat

At CLANED platform and some virtual meetings via Zoom

Assessment criterion

Chat attendance, proactivity in exercises and virtual meetings, submission of the final test

Monitoring and evaluation

We believe in social learning, with close and constant interaction

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